Takahashi Gardens Waterfront Retreat

A true West Coast experience with a touch of Zen!

Spa Services

To further enhance your stay at Takahashi Gardens, we are pleased to offer in-suite Spa Services for complete relaxation & renewal. Our skilled spa practitioners will work their magic in the comfort of your suite or, weather permitting, on the patio or deck. After your treatment, a soak in your private outdoor hot tub will round off this luxurious and soul-soothing experience.

As our practitioners are often booked well in advance, please book your spa treatment at the time you reserve your room or very shortly after.

Spa manicure

This treatment begins with a herbal soak for your hands and nails followed by a gentle exfoliation and a tension relieving hand and full arm massage, finishing with the polish of your choice. Manicure must be booked in conjunction with at least one other Spa treatment.

Spa pedicure

The perfect compliment to the Spa Manicure, this treatment includes a sea salt and essential oil foot bath, followed by a scrub & exfoliation of your feet and legs plus a cuticle trim, with special attention paid to removal of calluses. Then, a soothing, relaxing feet & leg massage to work out tension, finishing with the polish of your choice. Pedicure must be booked in conjunction with at least one other Spa treatment.

Spa rejuvenating

Completely relax with this botanical facial which is specific to your skin type. Your face and neck is thoroughly cleansed and gently exfoliated with the very best professional skin care products. Then, a hydrating and nourishing mask is massaged into the skin to revitalize and encourage a more radiant complexion. Finally a soothing massage of the face, neck and shoulders to soothe tense muscles completes this luxurious and rejuvenating session.

Spa fullbody

This restorative and re-energizing head to toe massage nourishes and restores balance between mind and body. Deep Tissue, Relaxing and Sport Massage techniques are offered using the appropriate essential oils to restore energy, heal and soothe. Discuss your needs with the therapist who will then provide a personal treatment specific to you!

Spa stone

Sorry, No Longer Available

LaStone Therapy involves the use of heated and cooled stones applied to the body to bring about relief to tired and sore muscles. The therapist places hot and cold stones on different parts of the body. The heated stones bring oxygenated blood to the area of application, increasing lymph flow and metabolism. The cold stones push away unwanted congestion, inflammation and blockages. Then, using Swedish massage techniques, your muscles are skillfully manipulated to open the energy channels.