Takahashi Gardens Waterfront Retreat

A true West Coast experience with a touch of Zen!

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Standards & Policies

We offer a relaxing environment where β€œquiet time is all the time” and we strive to ensure that our guests have the positive experience they are seeking. In order to make certain that each guest feels respected we have implemented the following house policies, many of which are standard and not unique to our property but may not suit everyone. We have determined though, that they offer the most consideration for fellow guests and are reflective of the nature of this property.

Please read through the following and decide before reserving if we are well suited to your expectations. We do not want anyone to be disappointed.

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We are a 100% non-smoking or vaping property with no designated smoking area. We ask pot smokers to please not bring their product into the suites or cottage as even though it’s not being smoked inside, the aroma takes days to remove. We will happily supply airtight containers for storage on the deck or patio.

Hot Tubs - Closed from May 31 - Nov 1*

* If water restrictions begin earlier in the spring we may have to adjust our timing however, if we can extend the hot tub season, we will do so.





To guarantee a quiet and serene environment, no visitors please without prior approval and no outside spa services are permitted.


There is on-site guest parking for 3 average sized passenger vehicles, one for each suite. Depending on our occupancy, oversized vehicles / trucks may have to unload and then park on Marine Way.